The Zen adventure was life changing for me. My intention was to dance. I danced. I was healed as I opened myself to the experience. I came home transformed! Deep bow of gratitude for all that transpired. I was touched at a very sacred soul level and received so much more than I came to the Zen Cruise for…I desire more and will be joining again!

~ Anonymous 2015 Participant


When I begin to review all the gifts I received by participating in this trip, I dribble into tears of joy and cannot find words to describe the magic and alchemy of the moment. I want to participate more and volunteer my time in helping fill a whole ship and help facilitate the intentions of the Zen Cruise. I don’t think I can ever miss a Zen Cruise now. It would be missing a family reunion. Love you Family!         

~ Candace Duval Austin, Texas


I came on the Zen Cruise initially to spend time with positive people. I had no idea what I was about to experience. My face hurt by Day 2 from smiling continuously!!! I have never experienced so much GOODNESS, kindness and PURE JOY in my life!!! I was sad to see it end. Not enough time with such incredible people!  

~ Anonymous 2015 Participant


I attended the cruise last year 2014 and enjoyed it. Actually, it altered my journey tremendously by offering liberation breathwork, which I have now been practicing since last year’s cruise. This year I went willing to let go of self judgment and experience new things with a wide open heart. Oh, what a journey it was. Attending as many workshops and classes as I could (and there were LOTS to choose from) my heart exploded with love and gratitude. The atmosphere of positive energy was intoxicating, warm and welcoming from moment one when Val remembered my name as I checked in to board…  Can’t wait till next year!

~ Anonymous 2015 Participant


Home from The Zen Cruise – had The Time of My Life!!! One of the Top… most Amazing experiences EVA!!!! Made such incredible new friends – when I got off the boat and came home yesterday – I went into the shower- and cried like I was 12 leaving my friends from Summer Camp!!! Thank you Lisa Pumper and Val Silidker for putting together this ROCKSTAR line up…can’t wait for Zen Cruise 2015 – when we take over the ship!!! I LOVE YOU MY NEW FAMILY!!!

~ Jennifer Grace, Hayhouse Author


The overall experience was magical! Val Silidker is a masterful event alchemist. She choreographs a beautiful, fluid, uplifting, soul expanding and heart opening experience the whole way through! The Zen Cruise is a next level transformation, no matter where you are in your life, it can be the deepest unforgettable celebration, and as timeless as the blink of an eye!

~ Anonymous 2015 Participant


We just got back to Miami after 6 days of bliss on The Zen Cruise ! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life no lie! I made so many new friendships and learned so much about my self and felt so much love from everybody in our group! It was such an honour to be invited to play on board! Thank you so so much Valerie Silidker and Lisa Pumper for having us, you both created something so powerful and wonderful! It was even more amazing than I would have ever imagined!

~ Lucy Gallant, Free Like Me


One moment, one breath; that’s all it took to capture the powerful spiritual oneness of this Zen Cruise experience.  I called it the “Winds of Change” since it transformed our lives into a better place of consciousness…one that unites! Namaste 

Freddy Carrero


A few weeks before I saw the advertisement for the Zen Cruise, I had made an intention to go on a vacation. As a result of my new branding “Mortgages The Zen Way”, then seeing the advertisement for “The Zen Cruise”, that was my cue. I made a commitment right then and for this experience. I went solo. As a result, I was completely opened up to a state of vulnerabilty, peace and joy. One of the greatest experiences of my life! Combine that with meeting and building new relationships that will last a lifetime of like minded people, I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in taking their consciousness to the next level. Even if you go by yourself like I did, you will be welcomed with warm and open arms like I was. An amazing journey! Go with an open heart. Have fun! Peace and love! 

~ Jay Robins, Mortgages The Zen Way


Sailing the Zen Cruise 2014 was a deeply inspiring experience… Being immersed in the presence of powerful individuals together in community, everyone with their own unique gift to offer to every moment we shared. The workshops were empowering, the music was uplifting, the places we visited were exquisite in their own beauty and the boat was very much fun! Indeed a luminous addition to my life’s journey! And the transformation continues at the ZenCruise 2015…

~ Maria Torres, LMT