Get Involved with The Zen Cruise

Zen is creating a community of like-minded energetic individuals. We are devoted to all that participate  and we honor the impact  each person will make towards the Zen Cruise. This is a festival about community, about impact and participation. Just like your healing arts practice, what you put into it is what you get from it. There are plenty of opportunities for you to participate.



Affiliate Program


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There is the option to get your business involved: we are looking for those interested in sponsoring the Zen cruise. We are committed to delivering valuable benefits and a positive partnership experience to each Zen Cruise sponsor. Find out more 






Another business opportunity is to be a vendor. Zen cruise will hold a pre-sail Zen Gala the evening before we depart. This will be held in our sponsored hotel and it will be open to the public.  Find out more







We are also looking for work-exchange volunteers. Serve others in exchange for the opportunity to practice. There are a limited number of positions available. Find out more