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The Zen Cruise presents: DANCE OF LIBERATION: MODULE 1 & 2 PLUS The Vision Quest for Liberation Program

We are excited to offer this training on The Zen Cruise with a SPECIAL 7 week follow up program.

This training is led by Parashakti, a wisdom teacher, shamanic healer and the founder of Dance of Liberation. Trained by indigenous and traditional Elders, Parashakti is a co­founder of Body Temple in New York, a 21st Century shamanic performance troupe famed for its participatory ecstatic dance events. She has led Dance of Liberation trainings around the world and is the subject of soon-­to­-be released feature film “Dance of Liberation”.

During the excursion day to Haiti on February 11th, you will be immersed in this intensive with Parashakti. You will then enjoy Jamaica, two full sea days of workshops and all the evening events!

*Zen Special* along with DOL Zen Cruise intensive training you will have a 7 week follow up program: Vision Quest for Liberation 

DOL training + VQFL: ONLY $399 (Reg $1050)

To register for DANCE OF LIBERATION: MODULE 1 & 2 PLUS The Vision Quest for Liberation Program
Once you have booked your Zen Cruise, register for this intensive directly through Parashakti’s website:

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The Zen Cruise Dance Of Liberation Training




Dance of Liberation is a dynamic form of movement therapy founded by Parashakti. Birthed out of the roots of shamanism, it is based on seven
foundations that lead the Dancer on an inner journey of their personal truth. Dance of Liberation heals and frees physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

The Vision Quest for Liberation (TVQL) is a one on one, seven-week program designed to provide a unique combination of deep insight and practical guidance, to empower you to transform and move forward in creating what you dream for your life. It will guide you through the most challenging obstacles and lessons you’ll face in your quest for personal healing, clarifying your purpose, and achieving success. The Vision Quest for Liberation is designed to clear whatever stands in the way of you living as “hollow bones,” to be fully connected with the Divine and living your life’s missions. It will help you be able to create a ripple effect that elevates the whole of humanity, even as we focus and raise our own individual consciousness. This module program (the first of three, if one desires to become a Dance Of Liberation teacher), will enable you to transform the core psychological, emotional, physical & spiritual blocks currently in the way of creating your optimum life.

Parashakti offers this experience as an integration of ancient and timeless wisdom, synthesized from various spiritual traditions, that goes straight to the heart of our deepest wounds, needs, desires, and dreams. This offering will inspire unconditional love, self-respect, acceptance, and forgiveness in the places that are the most difficult for us to embrace. At the same time, it will also clarify how to effectively direct your thoughts, words, and actions toward creating and achieving the “best” in every aspect of your personal and professional life.

If you are indeed serious about improving the quality of your health, your relationships, your finances, and your career right now, then this overall program will support you to take your life, your power, and your destiny back into your own hands, so you can dance & bring out into the world your unique & authentic voice through Dance of Liberation (DOL).

Over the seven weeks you will have a once a week phone session with Parashakti. She will provide one-on one guidance to explore and be transformed by living into the Seven Foundations of the Dance of Liberation. Each week you will experience the “Dance” of Life based on the four outlined Rituals. Each ritual has a level, as each week you will be deepening your ceremony experience into Action. You will be partnered with a fellow “spirit buddy” to support your path as the process goes on. There will be homework and rituals to guide and deepen your experience. This is a unique and individually designed program that will create a total transformation in body, mind and spirit.

Details about the seven week outline here:
Vision Quest of Liberation