The Zen Cruise and Our Environment

We recognize that all traveling creates an impact on our delicate ecosystem. Whether flying, driving or cruising, we effect the the world around us. Cruise ships have had a reputation of not only effecting our atmosphere, but contributing waste to the Ocean. Fortunately, many cruise lines have been adopting better practices in order to minimize their effects and show up as better stewards of the environment.


Royal Caribbean is recognized as a company that goes above and beyond to ensure better practices and care of our environment. In regards to energy and air emissions, water and wastewater, recycling, reusing, reducing and chemical management, they are truly making a difference in their impact. While we cannot have zero effect, we can do everything possible to be better stewards and create a way to travel more sustainably for ourselves and our future generations.

According to Royal Caribbean, “What began in 1992 as a program focused on waste management has evolved into a company-wide philosophy of social responsibility, environmental protection and good corporate citizenship that guides every facet of our business operations.”

Please read about Royal Caribbeans Save The Waves® program HERE.


Our Zen Community believes it is important to offset our carbon footprint. We proudly donate to Trees, Water & People to make a difference through planting trees, creating solar air heaters and clean cookstoves.  And, each year, a portion of every ticket goes to charity so that we can all give back to our world. Please read about our charities HERE.

Together, we can make a difference!